Joel Crespo is a fourth-year Chicano/Latino studies and criminology, law and society major.
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
Aside from being the only candidate for this position, I am definitely the right person for the job.
The position of vice president of academic affairs requires experience which I have gained through organizing and programming through MEChA and the Cross-Cultural Center. I also have experience as an At-Large Representative in ASUCI’s Legislative Council and I am very knowledgeable of the internal workings of ASUCI. Most importantly, I am the person for this job because I am a hard worker and I am passionate about representing student interests.
Do you have any changes in mind for ASUCI’s educational policy?
In terms of educational policy I think students should determine whether any changes are necessary. I will definitely work hard to make the connection between students and the Academic Senate in case any changes are necessary.
One thing I will say is that I will not support any change in educational policy in terms of the multi-cultural breadth requirement.
It would be a shame if UCI was the only campus in the UC system to remove this requirement that is necessary in order to ensure our knowledge of diversity on this campus.
In what ways do you think UCI could improve its reputation in academics and how will you contribute to this?
I believe UCI could improve its reputation in academics if it made a concerted effort to increase student knowledge outside the classroom. Currently, students are not given the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. There is very little dialogue because the university administration does not try to hold forums that appeal to students. Instead it brings speakers who cause students to protest instead.
To improve this I will hold more appropriate forums where students can take an active role in learning and thinking critically, I will also hold the UCI administration accountable to students by bringing up student issues to them.