Joseph Macias a third-year political science and Chicano/Latino studies major.
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
I am the best candidate for this position because I have a commitment to serving students and being responsive to their needs. I will establish and maintain open communication with students, clubs and organizations, to make sure that I am working on issues that affect student life.
What new ideas do you have to improve the UCI campus?
Students need to know that they have a voice. Many students complain about parking, housing and the Bren, but students need to know that something can be done to address these issues.
I will sit down with these departments and make sure that their priority is to enrich the student life at UCI, not to tax it. First, I will work with parking to make the quarterly permits go three days into the next quarter. With the closure of the food court on campus, I will advocate to allow school clubs and organizations to sell their food more times during the month.
I will work to incorporate low-cost housing into the UCI long-term housing plan. I will tell the administration that retention is as important as outreach. And most importantly, I will represent students better than my predecessor, because I will listen to their needs.

Raymond Giang is a third-year international studies major.
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
I am the current vice president of administrative affairs and I feel that I know what works and what does not work. I know how to get things done for students faster and easier.
What new ideas do you have to improve the UCI campus?
I feel the biggest concerns students have are, textbook prices, housing in Irvine, transportation, rising student fees and the Anthill Pub. We need to get a uniformed process and encourage faculty not to change editions unless necessary, and try not to bundle books with superfluous items. I will continue to fight for cheaper housing on campus as well as more on-campus housing.
This year I have fought for students in getting guaranteed two year on-campus housing agreements. The third concern is transportation. We may be able to alleviate the parking problem if we can get more shuttles to run from off campus housing complexes and remote parking lots. Fees will rise in the future because it has already been determined by California legislators. What we can do is fight to get our more of our fees to come back to UCI. Right now I am fighting to reopen the Pub. I have been talking to the operators of the Pub, administration and the food services director.