ASUCI: How Much Do Students Really Know?

It’s the start of spring quarter and with it comes the ASUCI elections that will take place this week, from April 18 to 22.
Perhaps you’ve seen the posters that line any available concrete wall or the people walking Ring Road with large signs asking for your vote. Certain candidates, like presidential hopeful Carlos Feliciano, have two different posters that seem to be all over campus and an extremely original campaign slogan likening him to the character ‘Pedro’ from ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ Some hand out fliers, like Nathan Lee’s campaign, which features a drawing of him giving two thumbs up in true Steve-O fashion with the slogan, ‘Yeah, dude, I rock!!’ in an attempt to gather votes for the office of vice president of student affairs.
Other candidates, like Joey Macias who is running for vice president of administrative affairs, seem to take the elections