Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Copeland is Officially ‘In Motion’

What’s better than running into celebrities at In-N-Out? Running into celebrities at In-N-Out who think you’re adorable.
Such is the case for lead vocalist/guitarist Aaron Marsh of indie-rock phenomenon, Copeland. While in Los Angeles for a show, Marsh encountered Drew Barrymore while dining at In-N-Out. As a fan, Marsh decided to approach Barrymore and introduce himself.
‘[Barrymore] actually said that I’m adorable,’ Marsh said. ‘Drew Barrymore thinks I’m adorable.’
Between Barrymore’s adoration, the completion of their second full-length album and a headlining tour, Marsh’s life, is not too shabby. The same goes for fellow bandmates drummer Jon Bucklew, guitarist Bryan Laurenson and bassist James Likeness.
Copeland, known for their simple, yet emotionally charged, sound is currently headlining a national tour in support of their new album, ‘In Motion,’ released Mar. 22 by The Milita Group record label. Currently three weeks into the tour, the response to the new album seems to be very positive.
‘I think [the new album] has been received pretty well,’ Marsh said. ‘Most people seem to like it a lot. I think a lot of people had an emotional attachment to our previous album so they haven’t latched on to it as quickly as they did to the first album.’
Initially, there appeared to be some concern that the fans wouldn’t accept the latest Copeland installment because it has a slightly harder, edgier sound then their previous album, ‘Beneath Medicine Tree,’ released in 2002.
‘A lot of people respect the fact that we tried something different and didn’t just make another one of our previous records,’ Copeland said.
It’s not that Copeland is screaming or ripping through throwback 80s-glam metal guitar solos, rather it’s that in comparison to their previous work Copeland’s new album is a more up-beat and lively, and less mellow.
‘There’s a song on the record called ‘Love is a Fast Song’ and it has some heavy riffs and it’s a big rock song,’ Marsh said. ‘Of all the songs it’s the most risky because most of our fans weren’t prepared for a really big riffy song.’
Despite the fact that the new album has been out for less than a month, Marsh is already thinking ahead to the next album.
‘For the moment, I already have the itch to make another record,’ Marsh said. ‘But I like the progression so far and the risks that we’ve taken so far