Kenn Huber is a second-year mathematics major.
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
The position of president involves many duties and responsibilities, the main of which is to represent the student body as a whole, which is my main goal. I am a student, just like any one of you, and not a politician.
The ASUCI system has been degrading throughout the past couple years, and hopefully with me at the helm, I can steer it into the clear, and out of the corrupted gutter it seems to have run into.
What experience have you had in leadership roles?
Unlike some of my competitors, I do not have a lengthy list of past leadership roles. I was simply a student. I did what normal students do.
I was in charge of a few clubs in high school, nothing too fancy. Inexperience in the field does not yield ignorance, though.
I know what I am getting myself into, and am fully capable of performing as the president.
In fact, I see it as a positive thing, that I have not been overly exposed to large amounts of leadership roles and groups, which would only put bias into my ideals and goals for the school and ASUCI.
What new ideas do you have to improve UCI?
UCI is a great school, the school of the future, and yet so many of its students dislike it. I intend to implement a voluntary mentor program, teaming up an upperclassman with a freshman for a year, just to meet, hang out and share wisdom. Freshmen would benefit from hearing about what is to come, and be able to find another friend early on, and also the upper classmen would benefit, just from the experience.
I also intend to have more support for student activities, like the book exchange, and finding a new home for the atmosphere that once was the Pub.
Have you noticed any problems this school year that you plan to change?
The student government seems to work at odds with the individual clubs, instead of in harmony.
ASUCI needs to become more involved in these student-run clubs, and also less corrupted as a large bureaucracy. All of the decision making power is in the hands of a few individuals, who do not properly represent the student body.
For instance, the Legislative Council recently approved funding for improving parts of the female bathrooms on campus; but no one seems to know about this at all.
Hopefully this can change so that students themselves can have their ideas heard and considered, instead of just having an elite circle of power hidden from the masses.
Do you plan on any changes for the ASUCI budget? If not, why? If so, what changes?
The ASUCI budget is being grossly mis-divided.
Fraternity life represents less than 10 percent of the actual student body, yet receives a large chunk of ASUCI’s attention and funding. My competitors promise to maintain the same amount of funding for clubs as there has been this year, but this is not enough.
Matching is unfair, since the budget this year is unfair. The same groups are continually excluded from proper funding. With my unbiased disposition, I can properly judge how to fairly distribute funding to multiple groups, which in turn will easily be an increase for a large portion of the clubs on campus. UCI has a great bus system runing, and I will make sure to maintain and even improve the quality of this system, as well as keep our campus running wonderfully.
What will you do to fight student fee increases?
Unfortunately, student fees are not in my direct control to change. I cannot lower them, since they are decided by the Regents Board, on which the president does not sit. But I will try to arrange communications with the student representative on the board, and make sure that fees do not increase.
Eighteen dollars a quarter comes from each of your pockets for ASUCI alone, and with the proper distribution and refraining from wasting money as has been done in the past, we can keep this number as low as possible while still doing more than ever.

Bryce Gilleland is a fourth-year economics major.
Why are you the best candidate for this position?
Serving the students is the goal of the ASUCI and this is why I want to hold this position. I plan to take this belief to a higher level by serving the UCI community as a whole. I believe I can best serve the students as I’ve served as a president for Sigma Phi Epsilon as well as for the Interfraternity Council. I know how to work with large budgets, facilitate an executive board, run meetings, reach out to a diverse group of organizations and have them come to a common ground on where they are headed and how we can better ourselves as a whole.
What experience have you had in leadership roles?
Throughout my four years at UCI I’ve held leadership positions across campus in hopes of positively affecting the community. Some more notable positions I’ve held are the promotions director for Greek Songfest, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon, executive vice president and president of the Interfraternity Council.
What new ideas do you have to improve UCI?
One major change I want to implement is mandatory office hours held by each ASUCI executive board member. As servants to the students we should be available to listen to your complaints or issues about campus and how we can better the campus overall for the community. Although ASUCI can plan, well in advance, many great benefits to the students one thing it should do is plan for that which we do not yet know about, foreseeing that future problems will come up that need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. I also believe ASUCI should take a more tactful approach to dealing with city, state and campus officials. As students, we have only a one- year term and in this we need to provide a short- and long term outlook that is both beneficial to the campus as well as supported by campus officials