ReCENTER This! The Sad Tale of One Commuter

I, Taraneh Arhamsadr, am not a happy camper. UC Irvine, you have really disappointed me this time.
But before the mob comes at me with blazing torches, let me start off by saying that I love this school.
Let’s have a moment of appreciation. Take a look around you. All you can see are architectural masterpieces, well-trimmed greenery and tanned, sculpted Greek students.
And for the love of climate! Just let the West Coast ocean breeze tousle your California-sun-streaked hair and tickle your Rainbow-sandaled feet as the theme from ‘The OC’ runs on loop in your head.
On a more serious note, do take a moment to consider what a fine institution UCI is; Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning faculty combined with state-of-the-art facilities put us at the forefront of research projects and new waves of thought. Generous patrons provide the kind of funding that allow this beautiful campus to be in a constant state of improvement.
Speaking of which, I’m sure most of you have noticed the massive overhaul that is taking place on a large and beloved chunk of campus known as the Student Center. While I generally believe that this ‘recentering’ is a positive thing, I am not, by any means, required to be happy about it.
As a longtime commuter from the nearby city of Anaheim, I believe that I have felt the brunt of this construction more than other students who live nearby. While they can simply pout about the loss of the socially forward lunch tables and then go back to their apartments to ‘chill,’ I have no choice but to roam around Ring Road once or twice more: where else can I go?
Not to Phoenix Grille or Cornerstone Caf