Sexual Assault and Murder: the New Upsurge in College Football

Traditionally, college football has been a reliable source for school spirit, popularity and, in some cases, ethics.
But today, in 2005, we are beginning to see that what has been expressed on the field for years is beginning to change.
Aggression and male chauvinism are beginning to dictate the actions of college male athletes off the field.
For example, one of the more notable collegiate sexual assault cases belongs to the football team at University of Colorado .
Since 1997, seven women have accused both football players and recruits of sexual assault.
In 2001, three of the women filed a lawsuit in a federal court, claiming that the school and the NCAA’s inaction in the investigation of these alleged occurrences contributed to their rape.
One of the women in question remarked that the football team was using women and booze as a means to recruit high school seniors.
One of these women is actually former football athlete Katie Hnida, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a teammate at University of Colorado .
Naturally, one may ask what has been done to help young female victims of these unwanted assaults at colleges across the nation.
The answer: nothing.
Although all of these women have come forward, none of the men have been convicted.
The only repercussion that has taken its toll on the team is the paid suspension of Head Football Coach Gary Barnett.
He received this suspension after he made a comment which questioned Hnida’s athletic ability.
Of course, as a woman and student athlete, I will always have my reservations about writing an article that exposes what goes on in college athletics.
But I can no longer turn my cheek and pretend as if we, the athletes, are somehow different from other students or people.
For me it is necessary to let anyone with an open ear know that we are not exempt from repercussions, in life or by law.
I know that an overwhelming amount of people will always question the women, the victims in sexual assault cases, as if they somehow asked to be put in these positions.
I’m sure that no woman wants to be raped and, furthermore, the fact that they are coming forward despite the condescension from society further shows that there is a real reason to investigate this matter.
Another instance of sexual assault occurred at Ohio State involving quarterback Troy Smith, and another example