Wayzgoose: A Successful Day of Food, Fun and Entertainment

Strolling through Aldrich Park last Saturday, I began wondering what it must be like to be in three or more places at the same time. This special ability would have facilitated my coverage of all the varied student and community booths, car show, numerous dance shows, rock bands, performances and even the children’s stage shows at the 2005 Wayzgoose, a UCI festival dating from 1972.
Well, not really. Wayzgoose was actually a festival conceived in the 17th century, in which printers would celebrate the end of summer. Or, depending on who you ask, Wayzgoose was an annual medieval festival heralding the coming of spring.
Near the sword fighting and armor-clad ‘knights,’ a traditionally decorated tent housed the medieval workers, including one man making chain mail armor. Dressed in medieval attire, he explained that although he was creating a chainmail headdress from stainless steel rings, the armor was traditionally composed of iron. In medieval times, a waist-length chain mail suit of armor would take one to two years to complete.
Nearby, a woman was busy perfecting her palatable sweet meat delights, or sweet candies as they are known today. In addition to the variety of color and taste displayed on the silver tray, almond-based marzipan creations were shaped into roses.
An incredible cornucopia of ethnically diverse food was offered elsewhere at the event. If one had a craving for a distinctive food, it was probably being sold and served somewhere among the more than 100 booths in the park, which partly functioned as a sociable campuswide open house.
Wayzgoose is a remarkable opportunity for UCI’s many clubs, religious organizations, dance groups and rock groups to promote themselves and perform. With over 10 dance groups and seven rock bands, entertainment was in no short order. Grab some medieval nachos, cotton candy and a Vietnamese barbeque pork sandwich and relax on the grass enjoying Fertile Soil