Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

I have no qualms with Will Smith, in fact, I’m sure that he’s a really nice guy. With that being said, I’d like to make a plea.
Will Smith, please stop recording albums. Progressively, with each sequential album up until the most recent, ‘Lost and Found,’ it gets harder and harder to respect Smith as a hip-hop artist, rapper or whatever it is that he’s going for.
I’d even go so far as to admit that I liked 1997’s ‘Big Willie Style’ for the sake of explaining how much I have neither liked nor appreciated Smith’s catalog since then.
While hip-hop is not my forte, I know enough to know that the tracks on Smith’s recent release, ‘Lost and Found,’ are more lost than found.
Overall, the biggest problems with the album pertain to it’s inherently choppy feel in addition to it’s utter cheese-tastic-ness.
Musically and stylistically the record feels like poor syntheses of the elements of popular hip-hop and rap artists. ‘Party Starter’ resembles a love child of Ludacris and Nelly