Cornerstone Prices Are Far From Rock Bottom

Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of blueberry scones in the morning. But with Cornerstone Cafe conveniently located at what used to be the hub of student life, this is a pleasure that can be experienced every day.
In the wake of the Student Center ‘Recentering’ project, students have been corralled into the open arms of Cornerstone, a relationship that is most analogous to that of child and molester.
Any trip to Cornerstone tends to render the same results. It all starts simply enough. You find yourself wandering, disoriented, disenfranchised like a refugee. You’re hungry and you need comfort. But there is no food court or any other viable options for a real meal on campus. Sure, one might suggest BC’s Cavern or Phoenix Grille, but I brush those aside. If I want premade food or a lousy burger, I’ll pack my own lunch thank you very much (and they’re both in the boonies, anyway).
Who offers a shoulder to lean on during such a dilemma? With an underhanded wink, Cornerstone steps forward and promises plenty of outdoor seating, wireless Internet, art deco couches and a willingness to make you feel good inside.