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AFSCME Reaches Agreement With UC After Strike
After a one-day strike on April 14, 2005, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents the University of California service workers, announced a tentative contract agreement with the UC on a new three-year labor contract.
Some important points of the contract include a 3 percent increase in wages across the board for the first two years and a 4 percent increase in the third year.
There is also an establishment of a $9 per hour minimum living wage, which will affect 600 UC workers, mostly in food services, who have been living in poverty.
The service workers will also receive the same parking rates as other staff with the same parking access. The UC will also maintain the same salary-based approach to health insurance premiums.
They will receive 24 hours of paid education leave per contract year. They also hope to eliminate attendance policy language from the contract so that the workers will no longer be disciplined for legitimate use of sick leave.
As soon as the agreement is ratified by AFSCME, it will be effective from the date of ratification until Jan. 31, 2008.