Questions Remain After Tri-Delta Incident

Several minutes past midnight on April 21, members of the UC Irvine Police Department and Orange County Fire Authority responded to a call from the Delta Delta Delta sorority house in Arroyo Vista seeking medical assistance for a sorority member who fell out of one of their second story windows.
According to Dave Romano, spokesperson for the OCFA, the OCFA responded to a call at 12:04 a.m. to aid the 19-year-old female. Romano said that she was treated on the scene and transported in OCFA’s ambulance to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana at 12:32 a.m.
Members of Tri-Delta declined to comment on the incident.
Citing medical confidentiality policy, the UCIPD declined to release the victim’s identity. Circumstances leading up to the incident are still being investigated by the UCIPD.
Martin Reed, director of Arroyo Vista Housing, provided some more information about the incident from a preliminary report. Reed said that there was no officially sanctioned event at the time of the incident.
‘There was no party there,’ Reed said. ‘The report says that she was leaning through the window screen and then fell. … I’m assuming she hit the concrete because there are no bushes in that area.’
According to a witness who wished to remain anonymous, the victim was unconscious after her fall.
‘There was blood splattered around where she fell,’ the witness said.
Reed said that ‘she had sustained a head wound, but she’s fine, and she’s recovering.’
Due to the ongoing investigation, Reed didn’t want to jump to any conclusions regarding the condition of the victim at the time of the incident. Reed was unable to confirm whether she was under the influence of alcohol or taking illegal substances.
‘We’re still investigating the incident, so I don’t know [if alcohol or drugs were involved],’ Reed said. ‘I don’t want to speculate. … I can’t confirm and I can’t deny it.’