Hilarious (Almost Epic) Sketch Comedy

It isn’t easy to be a comedian. Sure, having a two drink minimum imposed on your audience helps a bit, but regardless of how drunk everyone gets, it still comes down to having to stand on a stage and make an ass of yourself for other people’s enjoyment. Sometimes the crowd laughs with you, sometimes at you, and sometimes (the worst times) not at all.
We should consider ourselves lucky for having Almost Epic. Born from the same south county creative klatch that gave us piano rock idols Something Corporate (guitarist Josh Partington was in attendance, actually), Almost Epic is Adam Young, Kurt Finney, Matt Burnett, Jon Freeman, Meredith Dwyer, David Hunter and Chris Teregis. More importantly, Almost Epic is damn funny.
Performing at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Thursday April 29, the troupe was preceded by two standup comedians. First up was Gabriel Sunday, a very young comedian from Oakland who talked about such topics as marijuana and masturbation