A ‘Tech Know Overload’ is Pricey But Pleasing

The Tech Know Overload Tour, hosted in front of the flagpoles on May 3, was a showcase for some of the latest consumer technologies. Although intended for college students, you could tell that the tour was geared toward simply letting the average college student know what’s out there.
The Sonos Digital Music System, for example, retails for $1,199, far beyond the worth of my paltry paycheck.
Despite being a bit overpriced (the technology behind the product isn’t extraordinary by any standards), the concept of the technology is very appealing. The $1,199 package gives you two ZonePlayers; each acts as an amplifier and connects to analog speakers in different rooms and to your computer via an Ethernet connection. Using the included full-color LCD remote control, you can remotely control the devices to play music stored on your computer