Monday, December 6, 2021

Johnny Was

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Out of all of the things Johnny could have been, Johnny Was … a rock band, and not just any rock band at that. Johnny Was… a rock band that represents the synthesis of two separate rock projects whose respective individual progressions led to the eventual combination of the two bands Johnny Was … and Hollywood Endings.
The new and improved Johnny Was … headlined the May 5 show at Anaheim’s Chain Reaction, an all-ages venue. While most bands can usually be found basking the the glow of the flood lights beaming down from the roof of the venue into the parking lot prior to their sets, Johnny Was … could not be found.
Instead, they took refuge in the shadows between the cars in Chain Reaction’s parking lot.
Why exactly was the band hiding from a venue whose effectiveness and remarkably pivots on the fact that it creates an atmosphere in which the artists are accessible to the fans both before and after their sets?
The members of Johnny Was … are not elitists, nor are they opposed to interacting with the fans, rather, it is a matter of mass hysteria. As the lead vocalist/guitarist of Johnny Was … actor Shane West tends to draw more than your average rock-loving crowd. Indeed, at a Johnny Was … show there are more screaming girls than usual.
Despite the singled-out attention West often receives, the television and big-screen star, who is best known for his roles as Dr. Ray Barnett in ‘ER’ and as Landon Carter, the lead male role opposite Mandy Moore in 2002’s ‘A Walk to Remember,’ West casually lingers in the parking lot. While remaining out of eye-shot, West enthusiastically discusses the band and balancing his successful acting career with his desire to go on tour.
Regardless of the additional attention West recceives, vocalist guitarist Brett Klorer, keyboardist Casey McGuire, bassist/vocalist Matt Jefferson and drummer Justin Pointer are resolute in their opinion that they are proud of West and his success and are not the least bit jealous or envious of the heightened curiosity surrounding West. In fact, quite the opposite is true: They are grateful for the crowds West draws based on the celebrity he has established with his acting career.
‘It’s really cool that [West] is already out there and it gives all of us the opportunity to get together to write music and to have an opportunity to have an audience to play for that have never heard us before,’ Klorer said. ‘Some of the venues will even say, ‘Johnny Was