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Sugarcult and Letter Kills at Bren

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With his stringy sunbleached hair, scruffy beard and a wicked tan, Tim Pagnotta sits relaxed and, judging by the plate of used mayonnaise and mustard packets in front of him, full of the sandwiches provided by ASUCI in the make-shift hospitality room established deep within the bowels of the Bren Events Center. In his navy zip-up hoodie, brown knee-length Dickies shorts and Vans slip-ons, Pagnotta looks more like a content beach bum than the lead singer of a successful pop-punk band. Looking at him, you wouldn’t think that they penned the hit-single ‘Bouncing Off the Walls’ or have recently returned from touring Japan with Green Day.
‘We’ve been really busy lately … just working on our tans,’ Pagnotta said. ‘It’s a full-time job.’
Bassist Airin, also seated at the table, snickers. He too looks delightfully tanned.
In fact, there’s a good chance that Pagnotta and Airin came straight from the beach to headline the May 12 show at the Bren Events Center, a UCI-exclusive, free-for-UCI-students event sponsored by ASUCI.
‘When I’m not tanning though,’ Pagnotta said in attempt to qualify his previous statement regarding tanning, ‘if you go to my car I have two tape recorders side by side and I have a scratch legal pad and I drive [around] all day like a fucking maniac screaming at the top of my lungs. Then when I go back home I decipher [the songs] and sometimes I multitrack them where I press play on one when one vocal’s going and press record on the other so that I have an idea where a word starts and another word ends and it overlaps. I do two-track multirecording in my Ford Focus down the 210 going 70 miles an hour … while smoking and shifting with my left hand.’
‘And talking on his cell phone,’ Airin said.
Clearly, the gentlemen of Sugarcult are multitalented, and the fact that both Pagnotta and Airin have recently purchased homes is further proof of the success earned from the release of 2001’s ‘Start Static’ and 2004’s ‘Palm Trees and Power Lines.’
‘The cool thing about owning your own home and being alone all the time