E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo

I usually avoid driving in downtown Los Angeles at all costs. I guess I’ve been softened by luxurious Orange County streets. There are exceptions that I’m willing to make, though, and a three-day videogame festival is certainly among them.
The LA Convention Center was once again overrun last week with the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short. From big-hitters Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo through major developers like EA and Ubisoft, right down to niche players like Alias, all of the stars in the gaming galaxy came out to shine. Peripheral companies like ATI, Pelican and A.L.S. were also showing their wares, as were many publishers of gaming magazines and Web sites.
Each of the big three companies had new consoles to display. Nintendo’s new home console, the Revolution, was not physically on display, but there was buzz aplenty across the showroom floor. Nintendo went on record before the show saying that the Revolution controllers would not be there because they didn’t want competitors to steal any ideas