Sports Venues Where Anyone Can Play Like a Pro

Let’s say it’s a Thursday night and you feel like going out with your friends somewhere other than a party or staying in and watching a movie. Well, there are plenty of ways to have some old-school fun, for decent prices that include the whole gang and some friendly competition.
I’ll give you two options and they both neighbor each other on the corner of Harvard and Michelson in Irvine. I’m talking about Irvine Lanes and Boomers.
First off, Irvine Lanes is nothing more than a bowling alley with a few additional perks. It has a 1970’s feel to it, but includes a store, lounge, snack shop and arcade besides the 40-lane bowling alley. It leaps into the 21st century by adding digital play-by-plays and then proceeding to show exactly which pins the player has left for their second try and where they are positioned. Different colored lights are reflected off either end of the alley and a table with four adjoining swivel chairs that adorns each lane for its occupants.
It is a fun atmosphere fostered by the solid and neon-colored bowling balls, music and animated bowlers.
Irvine Lanes is tailored for the young and old alike, including college students. There’s even galaxy bowling between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. for 17 dollars a person including the shoe rental. They also have special rates on bowling during the week depending on the day.
But, if you’re not up for bowling, then there’s always Boomers right next door. Boomers is packed with a variety of things to do during the day and night. This place is tailored to family fun so it’s no wonder there’s an assortment of different activities and sports to satisfy every age group’s need.
There’s a huge game room to get caught up in, offering combat, sporting and music games, and if that doesn’t get you, maybe the air hockey will.
There’s also miniature golf, laser tag, a rock wall, bumper boats, batting cages and go-karts.
Not to mention their very own McDonald’s.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for ten bucks you can play miniature golf, video games or go into the still-under construction King Arthur’s Carnival attractions play miniature golf with its ride on the little thunder go-karts and for a $7 upgrade go rock climbing, play laser tag, ride the bumper boats as well as the go-karts.
Boomers also offers the best values for its customers: an all-day play pass and student night pass that is good after six on Friday nights with a valid student ID for only $12.
Both places are blocks away from UC Irvine’s campus and right off the 405 freeway.
They offer the college student a fun alternative to what may have become the ordinary or predictable routine of partying, clubbing or staying at home watching your favorite television show.
These are two completely different places with the same purpose of offering you a good time.
It’s new and old school fun depending on what mood you’re in, but there’s plenty of options for a group, date or individual outing and all with the college student in mind.