Angels Stadium: An Inexpensive Night Out

It’s easy to catch a UCI sporting event during the week.
Baseball in the evenings, track and field on a blazing Saturday afternoon and even silent afternoons at the tennis courts. But when there are no scheduled games to find at UCI and you want to look for alternative place to enjoy a sporting event, then you should take the short freeway ride to Angels Stadium.
What’s so great about watching the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play?
Well, you can brush up on your MLB players and standings for one.
But that’s not the sole reason why you should mosey on down the 57 and exit on Orangewood or Katella.
It’s cheap to watch a professional ballgame!
Tickets can be as cheap as $12 for awesome bleacher seats. You can even purchase lower view MVP seats close to the field for $20.
What’s great about Angels Stadium is that you can sit anywhere and still have a good view of the field. Don’t worry about going and spending half your money on parking.
There are free places very close to the stadium where all you need to do is walk across the street to the ballpark.
Even as you make your way from the car to the front gates, you are greeted with splashes of red and white everywhere. Genuine Angels fans flock in front, in the back, and right next to you in red Angel t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and purses.
Granted, there is no such thing as free or even cheap food to be found after you enter the gates. So plan to spend a good $10 on a meal.
It’s shocking how a nice thick bag of peanuts now costs a whopping $5 and alcohol prices are just as steep, if not higher, depending on the drink.
Be late or prompt to the game. Either way your seats will be waiting for you next to legions of fans who crack just as many jokes about the umpires’ calls as are caught booing their home team’s players, which always lead to a good laugh and nonstop entertainment.
How can a ballgame be boring when the two guys you’re sitting next to continue to crack you up?
You might also enjoy how relaxing an Angels, or other MLB, game may be. Sitting back in your seat and just looking down at the field, the players can calm your nerves with the easy pace of the game. Free fireworks occur most Fridays and Saturdays. If an Angel hits a home run, the geyser blows up too.
The huge Jumbotrons are constantly giving all in attendance information on every home and away player when he is at bat.
Funny skits are also played, like ‘Kiss Me,’ where the camera randomly finds couples and, if you’re on camera, you plant one on your significant other for everyone to see.
Sign-up to win a free trip or race down the stairs and situate yourself next to the nearest camera; your 15 seconds of fame may just be around the corner at Angel Stadium. It offers its guests a family-friendly environment in and out.
So if you’re looking for a bargain of a deal on a Friday night, or you just want to take your date somewhere enjoyable, check out the Angels. It’s a low-priced outing well worth the nine or so innings.