Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

On May 10, Austin Texas Indie-rockers released ‘Gimme Fiction’ to the world on Merge Records, following their 2003 breakout album ‘Kill the Moonlight.’
‘Fiction’ has been seen all over the place lately, most locally on KUCI’s top 10 ten albums (as well as a well-written review on the KUCI site).
‘Kill the Moonlight’ was one of those CD’s that I listened to straight for three months, finding an excuse to crank every song for any emotion or occasion. This is why the release of ‘Gimme Fiction’ was such an exciting and scary time, the disapointment factor being high, only second to my deep seeded craving for new Spoon songs.
Luckily, ‘Fiction’ is the perfect follow up to the 2003 smash hit, because it is wonderful, with ample growth, while not being ‘Kill the Moonlight V. 2.’ Though I admit that for me \”Kill the Moonlight\” will always be the superior of the two, \”Gimme Fiction\” more than satisfies my fix and certainly expands on Spoon’s sound.
Like prior their prior CD’s, Spoon’s most recent release is rounded out by mostly acoustic guitar and organ/keyboard with a rhythmic section that focuses on smart simplicity.
Vocalist Britt Daniel sounds amazing as always, gravitating the listener in every track with his familiar smooth and slightly droll voice, countered by spots of Jackson Five inspired falsetto.
The album on a whole is not as upbeat as \”Kill The Moonlight\”, but in a mature fashion. This CD is patient in it’s drive. When \”Kill The Moonlight\” kicked down the door, \”Gimme Fiction\” strolls in and makes it’s presence known with a calm confidence.
Now for something concrete. Key tracks on the CD include the