Bittersweet Endings, Fresh Beginnings, and all that Jazz

Concentrate on your shoulders. They’re tense, aren’t they? Look down at your nails. Have you been biting again? Shame on you.
Make a mental note of the tasks you need to complete within the next few days. Doesn’t it seem like everything is due all of a sudden? Do you have a few textbooks to read cover-to-cover, or a 20-page paper to pound out? I think you do.
The signs are undeniable, and they are all there. It’s Week 10 and you, my friend, are screwed.
On a brighter note, it is the end of the academic year, and that means we get a legitimate break from all the madness that comes with condensed academia. But summer vacation also brings with it different endings for many people on our campus.
For all of the freshmen out there, this may just have been the most formative year of your life.
As you begin to pack boxes full of drunken photographs, OC-cool fashions and textbooks you’ll never use again, think of yourself as an edited version of the kid you were the day you stepped into the dorms last September.
Look back on your experiences while they are still vivid