Monday, December 6, 2021
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Joe Escalante is ‘Barely Legal’

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There are few people in the entertainment industry as talented and multifaceted as Joe Escalante.
When not playing bass for punk rock playboys, The Vandals, Escalante is in his matador gear fighting bulls in Mexico or working hard at running his own record label, Kung Fu Records, which requires extensive use of his law degree. As of June 10 at 11 a.m. Escalante will no longer be known as Joe Escalante: lawyer, bassist, matador and record label presidente, but rather as Joe Escalante: lawyer, bassist, matador, record label presidente and ‘Barely Legal’ Indie 103.1 FM talk show host extraordinaire.
Every Friday, after the Steve Jones’ Show, Escalante will host ‘Barely Legal’ from 11 a.m. until noon, a talk show in which individuals within the entertainment industry can call in and ask Escalante questions regarding the various legalities of the music business, television, etc.
‘It will be geared toward anyone interested in the entertainment business, but up-and-coming artists are most likely to need advice,’ Escalante said.
Based on Escalante’s extensive experience within the music industry, bands that are just starting out will most likely be the most interested in ‘Barely Legal.’
‘I believe even people not in the entertainment industry are curious about how things work,’ Escalante said. ‘I was a network business affairs attorney for CBS television and UPN so we will deal with questions from writers, directors and actors, as well.’
The goal of ‘Barely Legal’ is to provide free, useful legal advice to the listeners, especially since most starting out in the entertainment industry do not have access to a bona fide entertainment lawyer because legal advice costs money and at the beginning stages of their careers most artists are living off cereal.
Generally, lawyers won’t accept payment in the form of cereal.
Save your cereal because, free of charge, Escalante offers the following advice to bands:
‘Before you start building a following and manufacturing thousands of CDs, make sure the name of your band isn’t going to be challenged by someone else with the means to draw you into a legal battle,’ Escalante said.
Many have benefited from Escalante’s wisdom, including actor Chuck Norris.
‘I convinced Chuck Norris to sing his own theme song on the hit CBS series, ‘Walker: Texas Ranger,” Escalante said. ‘Check it out in reruns