The New U. Welcomes Greeks

The Greek community at UC Irvine is growing in numbers, and represents an important aspect of campus life for many students. We at the New University feel that we have at times overlooked the Greek community in our coverage of campus events. As an editor for the New University and an affiliated member of a Panhellenic chapter, I hope to aid in bringing the voice of the Greek community to ‘The Greek Beat’ each week in a manner that is honest and compelling.
From the occasionally infamous social events to the fundraising philanthropies for charities, to the rituals that are shrouded in mystery, the Greek community at UCI embodies one of the most concentrated aspects of on-campus social life. At a university labeled a ‘commuter school,’ and sometimes pegged as short on campus spirit, the energetic Greek community serves as a reminder that this judgment couldn’t be further from the truth.
Through this new section, which the New U. will feature every week beginning in September, I hope to acquaint the student body at large with the dynamic Greek life at UCI through in-depth stories, profiles, event coverage and more. Rather than simply advertising Greek events, I will take an honest and reflective look at the community. Students interested in contributing to this new section as writers should contact me at Thank you, have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you next year!

Erica Johnson is a third-year literary journalism major and the New U.’s Contributing Greek Editor for 2005-2006.