UCI Students and Others Protest Schwarzenegger’s Appearance

On May 31, Protesters gathered outside the Bren Events Center to express their feelings against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at his appearance at UC Irvine.
Roughly 100 students, nurses, firefighters and other community members gathered for Schwarzenegger’s 10:30 a.m. arrival. While most protesters did not express an opinion regarding Schwarzenegger’s education proposal, they did foster discontent with Schwarzenegger’s performance as governor.
When Schwarzenegger’s convoy of three black sports utility vehicles and numerous motorcycle police arrived, a protester wearing a mask of the governor alerted the rest of the protesters that the moment they had been waiting for had come.
The protesters ran to the back of the Bren to get closer to the Schwarzenegger, but the convoy entered the rear loading dock and the protesters could not see Schwarzenegger because of a temporary fence erected for the occasion. The protesters yelled slogans at their unseen governor.
Protesters held up signs with slogans such as ‘Arnold lied about Proposition 66’ and ‘I heart Arnie if he funds education.’ Protesters chanted, ‘Hands off student education,’ and ‘Terminate the Terminator.’
Protesters expressed concern with issues such as Schwarzenegger’s stance on immigration, UC pensions, public health, education and pandering to special interests, among other matters.
Omar Granados, a first-year criminology, law and society major, expressed displeasure with Schwarzenegger’s immigration policy.
‘[Schwarzenegger] is undermining an authority figure