Alumna Helps Female Athletes

Beyond personal survival, some people find fulfillment by contributing something extra to the world. Mary Miller is finding it by being a co-partner of the Internet company Blue Hair Action Wear, which donates $2 for every item sold on their Web site to UC women’s athletics.
Miller played volleyball for UC Riverside and received a masters in English from UC Irvine. After receiving scholarships for her tuition and books, Miller now wants to give something back to the UC women’s athletics.
Miller and three other sporty partners, all around 40 years old, started Blue Hair Action Wear in January 2005. Based on the consensus that plenty of apparel companies target young adults, the copartners agreed to go into business to produce comfortable, quality apparel for fit people ages 30 and above.
With a common enthusiasm for athletics and a good sense of humor about their age, the group started designing apparel like a Tshirt that says ‘Geezer Jock’ on the front and ‘Can you keep up?’ on the back.
‘We live our philosophy,’ Miller said. ‘Even though we’re geezers now, we’re still running triathlons.’
The philosophy must be appealing to the company’s demographics as profits are good and sales have increased. At the end of the year they will tally the number of products sold and give $2 per item to UC women’s athletics. In response to why the company does not plan on giving part of its profits to the UC men’s athletics Millers said that men’s programs already receive more support than women’s programs.
‘I guess I’m being a reverse sexist,’ Miller said. ‘So much attention is given to men’s athletics. Women’s athletics is still struggling. I’d like to contribute more to women than to men. I think the men hold their own.’
Referring to UCI basketball games, school mascot Peter the Anteater, junior Cassandra Rush said, ‘There’s not a lot of people that go to women’s games so I’m not Peter as long [a time] as I am for the men’s. I’m Peter the whole time for the men’s. … The men’s games get promoted more than the women’s.’
A member of the Completely Insane Anteaters, a third-year psychology and social behavior major Alexandra Harris, agreed: ‘There are more people that go to men’s
games than women’s games.’ Reasoning why there is less support for women’s athletics at UCI Rush said, ‘People just assume that only guys can play sports but I find that very untrue.’
With more spectators for the UCI men’s athletic events than the women’s athletic events, donations are welcomed in order to increase support.
The outlook for the company is optimistic not only for increasing support for UC women’s athletics, but also for encouraging older generations to be athletic. This mindset is evident in the company mantra: ‘One life … No finish line.’
‘We want to get the most out of life and go on as many adventures as we can,’ Miller said. ‘I hope none of us get really fat.’ Blue Hair Action Wear has another popular line of clothing called Old School consisting of men’s and women’s T-shirts. Miller said, ‘The Old School line, I think, is hilarious and once you turn 30 you’re old school.’
The Blue Hair Action Wear brand attracts customers who are athletic and unafraid to embrace their age. It also attracts the younger generation looking for apparel that will motivate their parents and older friends and relatives to be athletic.
The owners of Blue Hair Action Wear are role models to their target audience. According to their Web site, the company’s goal is to ‘Outfit the fit over 30.’ To find out further information about the owners and the apparel, go to