Chinese Cuisine Fit for a Student Budget

As college students, we enjoy eating fast food, but we also occasionally like to eat a good meal at sit-down restaurants without having to spend a bundle. Nice Time Deli and S.W. Bar-B-Q Seafood Restaurant are two authentic Chinese restaurants that fit the bill.
Nice Time Deli is located at the corner of Jeffrey Road and Walnut Avenue. Both restaurants are located in the same plaza, which contains a host of other Chinese restaurants, a bakery and Tapioca Express.
Finding a close parking space may prove to be a challenge as there are usually a lot of people in the plaza.
Simplicity is the key word for Nice Time Deli. It is a fairly small restaurant and pretty plain: no fancy decorations here. It’s a bit of a cross between a fast food joint and a sitdown restaurant.
It’s literally a ‘small bite,’ yet more formal than fast-food. There’s usually a steady stream of customers. However, the wait is short.
Like most restaurants, some waitresses are more polite than others.
Once seated, hot tea is served. The restaurant also has the usual assortment of soft drinks as well as more unique drinks such as papaya milk and watermelon juice. The prices are reasonable. Most of the selections range from $3 to$9. The selections tend to be small dishes and so, of course, most people tend to order more than one dish.
However, there are larger dishes available as well. There are a total of nine categories of food: noodles, rice, seafood, meat, vegetable, pottage, soup, side dishes and dim sum, with many choices under each category.
If you want to order just one dish and be more than full, I recommend the pork-chop noodle with soup or the fried rice, which comes in six different combinations, ranging from ham to beef. The pork chop is fried and seasoned as a complement to the noodles. The fried rice is a good mix of rice with various assorted vegetables such as carrots, peas and onions without being too oily.
If you want to order several small dishes, I recommend the saut