Fundraiser Brings Monetary Aids to Katrina Victims

On Thursday, Oct. 6, the Associated Students of UC Irvine hosted a three-hour fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina in Aldrich Park. The event raised a total of $2,100, which will be given to the Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Fund.
‘We wanted to set a tone for the year that we, as students, can do a lot and make a large difference,’ said ASUCI event commissioner Tina Dang. ‘I didn’t know what to expect. In the beginning, it started off really slow, but it picked up a lot toward the end. I have to say that a lot of people pulled through and showed their good sense through this event.’
The Modern Completely Insane Anteaters, Kaba Modern and the Chinese Association Dance Crew each performed a routine at the event. In addition to the dancing, the rock band Void 808 held a short concert and promised to donate a percentage of the proceeds from all merchandise sold during the concert. In between performances, the UCI disc jockey group Ice Cold Cuts provided continuous music.
ASUCI service members raffled items and gift certificates that ASUCI interns and local companies, including Apple, 18/8, Boost Mobile, Starbucks and the Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course, had donated. Each item was raffled separately and students were able to purchase as many raffle tickets as they desired. Raffle tickets ranged from $1 to $5, depending on the item being raffled. Prizes included an iPod Nano, a Boost Mobile phone with 50 free minutes, four box seat tickets to a Los Angeles Kings game and an authentic Tour de France Lance Armstrong t-shirt.
One student expressed her support for the event ASUCI hosted and stated that it was wise for the fundraiser to be located in an area visible to students.
‘It was a good idea that the event was in the park because the music and people attracted students going to class,’ said Jessica Chang, a third-year Asian-American studies major. ‘Curiosity [brought] people over, even if they did not know what was necessarily going on.’
Mike Scobel, a second – year undecided/undeclared major, stated that while he did not know about the fundraiser prior to the event, he was thankful that he came across it in Aldrich Park.
‘I didn’t hear about the event,’ Scobel said. ‘I heard music after coming out of class, so I just came to check it out. This event got me to think about something more than school. I reflected on how the lives of people were severely affected by Hurricane Katrina.’
ASUCI started the event with a total of $500 that members collected from local companies. During the event, ASUCI interns sold baked goods to raise more money for the hurricane relief.
In order to publicize the event, ASUCI passed out flyers, posted notices and made megaphone announcement on Ring Road. The ASUCI commissioners in charge of the event, Tina Dang and Matt Walker, planned the event in 10 days, with assistance from ASUCI members, interns and Aaron Young, an Apple Computer representative.
‘Overall, it was a good event,’ said Nathan Lee, ASUCI vice president of student services. ‘It was an opportunity to make some kind of difference. I’m really proud of my commission for being able to put together this event in such short notice. A lot of people were able to help out in ways that they otherwise would not have been able to.’
The amount of money brought in was a pleasant surprise to some ASUCI members.
‘I never thought we’d walk away with $2,100,’ said ASUCI Spirit Commissioner Matt Walker. ‘I just thank the student body for their support, both for our organization, and for the relief fund. … Hopefully, [the money raised from this event] will make a difference.’