Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Sci-Fi Fans Find Hope in ‘Serenity’

Earlier this year, ‘Family Guy’ completed its comeback thanks to the power of DVD sales. Among the shows listed as cancelled since ‘Family Guy’ was cancelled was ‘Firefly.’ Cancelled perhaps, but in no small part due to the fan base and its own DVD sales, the show would make its return via the big screen.
Unfortunately for the movie, there are no big-name stars, it’s based on a cult classic TV show and the movie had a budget of a paltry $40 million (the last ‘Star Wars’ movie, by comparison, had a budget of $115 million and had dialogue that was at times laughable). Despite all of the potential shortfalls of ‘Serenity,’ Joss Whedon has managed to create a movie that surpasses every science fiction movie since ‘The Matrix.’
Even without seeing the original TV show, which was cancelled after only one season by FOX, which preempted the show for what seemed like every sports game on the planet and sold the show as an action-comedy when in fact it was a more serious character based show, the movie stands well on its own.
The show takes place in the future after a long civil war where ‘freedom’ did not win the day. Mal, played by Nathan Fillion, a volunteer on the losing side of the war, takes to the frontier to escape the reaches of the Alliance. With his rag-tag crew and a ship that’s in danger of coming apart at any time, they do odd jobs in an attempt to make ends meet