‘Bird’ is the Word When it Comes to Zankou

If you have never heard of Zankou Chicken, it’s probably because you haven’t hung around a seedy strip mall lately.
The original Hollywood branch of this small-but-growing Mediterranean food chain is tucked between a laundromat and a liquor store, where the dregs of Sunset and Normandie boulevards meet.
But if that drive seems too daunting for a UC Irvine student, there’s an Anaheim branch located just minutes from Downtown Disney, in a nondescript strip mall located at 2424 W. Ball Road.
The ambience in both branches is pretty much the same.
In fact, there really isn’t any ambience to speak of.
The lighting is stark, the seats are unforgiving, and the walls are bare save for a few newspaper clippings and the odd map of the area.
As an added musical bonus, if you can strain your ears over the din from the kitchen, you might just be able to catch the tinny tunes of Kenny G.
In short: first-date diners, beware. This is not the place for wining-and-dining.
But if you’re looking for a rotisserie chicken meal that can only be described as sublime