Freddy’s Four Fingers Perform ‘Life As a Rehearsal’

It’s easy to confuse the name of the rock’n’roll band Freddy’s Four Fingers with the name of Tom Green’s 2001 movie entitled ‘Freddy Got Fingered.’ Yet, the main difference is that the former actually delights their critics and sells out their hour-and-a-half performances.
Freddy’s Four Fingers is a small rock’n’roll band out of La Palma, Calif., that is quickly making a splash in the music world. Already with their first CD out in stores entitled ‘World War III,’ the band now looks to build on their success with their sophomore album entitled ‘Life As a Rehearsal.’
Over the weekend the band performed a small gig in Long Beach. It was their first concert since playing at the prestigious Long Beach venue, the Vault 350, in May. Having experienced their concert at the sold-out Vault, it is easy to see why this small band is playing alongside more established music groups. During their performance at the Vault, which has previously hosted musicians such as Kanye West, Pennywise and the Killers, Freddy’s Four Fingers opened for Long Beach Shortbus, which includes former Sublime bass player Eric Wilson. Lead singer Andrew Hilbert stated, ‘We all grew up listening to Sublime as kids, and now we’re playing alongside their lead bass player. It’s an awesome experience.’
Of course, no concert experience is complete without mosh pits and rowdy fans. Throughout the evening, the music was constantly playing with the speakers so loud that you couldn’t even have a conversation with the person standing directly next to you. At the end of the show, the fans refused to leave as they demanded more music. The experience at the Vault was one that must be experienced personally to truly understand. Freddy’s Four Fingers blasted old hits such as ‘Mexico’ and ‘Night in Bristol’ while giving their fans a sneak peek into their new album’s top singles ‘Got a Pill’ and ‘200 Years.’
Freddy’s Four Fingers is a three-member band composed of Andrew Hilbert (guitar, vocals), Jacob Hilbert (bass, piano, vocals) and Robert DeLaTorre (drums, vocals). Having been together for nearly three years, the band believes that it has a bright future playing their type of music.
‘The beauty of rock’n’roll is that you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want,’ Hilbert said. Whatever that is has surely been working beautifully for their band.
When asked about their influences DeLaTorre added, ‘We try to emulate and incorporate the work of the Clash, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sublime and Run DMC all in one.’
Freddy’s Four Fingers’ unique brand of rock’n’roll has clearly attracted many fans