Table Tennis Club Puts a New Spin on UCI

A popular Olympic sport is finally coming to UC Irvine. If you guessed table tennis, or more popularly called ping-pong, you guessed right. UCI now has its very own Table Tennis Club, which has aspirations of joining the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association this year alongside schools such as UCLA, USC, UCSD and Pepperdine. Joining the NCTTA will allow the club to participate in statewide and national tournaments as well as even host a tournament at the Anteater Recreation Center.
‘It’s a serious Olympic sport, but it’s just not as popular in America as it is in Asia or Europe,’ said Travis Greene, the president of the Table Tennis Club.
The club has obtained the valuable help of U.S. national table tennis champion player Attila Malek, who was the fifth-ranked table tennis player in the United States in 1979 and was inducted into the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 2000. Malek formed a noprofit organization