Thursday, June 4, 2020
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UCI Oktoberfest

In Munich, the German capital of the Bavarian-originated festival Oktoberfest, citizens often argue about how much a liter of beer will cost while the police are overtly strict about making sure all official mugs are bought legally; they even suggest that tourists keep their receipt.
At the Oct. 21 Associated Students of UC Irvine presentation of Oktoberfest, the food, the beer (though it wasn’t a liter) and the mugs were free.
It became quite clear on the cloudy Friday afternoon that nothing brings UCI students together quite like alcohol, sausage and live music. Well, maybe just the beer.
‘There was a line for beer an hour before we started serving it,’ said ASUCI Festivals Commissioner Kyle Dineen.
ASUCI presented the annual Oktoberfest featuring the live music of You, Me, and Iowa, Encore and headliners Rx Bandits.
Orange County-based openers You, Me, and Iowa started off the afternoon strongly to an attentive but scattered crowd. The relaxed lawn setting of the show didn’t faze the indie-rockers, who powered through their set with energy and musicianship.
Following the openers was a break for lunch, where the food and beer lines grew even larger, while students relaxed on the lawn and the DJ set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.
Up next was hip-hop act Encore. The 10-piece group slowly won over the audience with their mix of hip-hop and R&B. Proving to be natural performers, Encore put on an entertaining and active show, as the emcees often entered the crowd to rap among the fans.
But, the best part about Encore’s set was their second-to-last song, in which the emcee went around and introduced the band as each member took a solo. Music listeners of all backgrounds and preferences could not deny the musical talent of Encore. All the members of the backing band showed up any doubters with impressive solos that excited the crowd. In fact, the crowd was so engaged at this point that Encore