What’s so Great About Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities?

From the time I entered junior high school in 1996 until now, I’ve noticed a breed of females that irritate me to no end.
You’ve all known her, the girl who jumps from relationship to relationship, some short, some long, but none really necessary. This species of female doesn’t really feel OK unless she can exclaim, ‘I have a boyfriend!’ And if you’re single and happy, she looks at you like you have a third eye and has the nerve to ask why.
The reason girls with ‘chronic boyfriend disease’ irk me is because they suck the meaning out of the concept of a young relationship, making those actually built on real feelings seem just as obsolete as the rest.
Why is this a sore point for me? The thing is, I’ve done my share of dating and dealt with all the mistakes, flings, bad decisions and jerks I could take.
But I never let myself get serious about anyone