An Anteater’s ‘Idol’ Experience

This past summer, fourth-year English major Annabel Adams had the unique opportunity to do something not very many UC Irvine students have done: audition for ‘American Idol.’
‘I tried [out] for ‘American Idol’ for multiple reasons. More than anything, I wanted the experience. I felt that auditioning alone would give me an experience that I would grow from,’ Adams said.
‘American Idol’ is one of FOX networks’ most popular shows where aspiring singers audition in front of judges and, later, the American public, for a chance at fame and a lucrative singing contract.
Adams auditioned for a shot at appearing on season five of ‘American Idol,’ set to premiere next January.
‘The reason I decided to try out this summer and not the four previous years is that they held auditions was because, for once, I felt I was ready to take on the challenge,’ Adams said.
Adams said that the encouragement of her friends helped her to make the decision to audition. Although she was originally planning to audition in San Francisco, the closest audition site to her hometown of Long Beach, she became sick and decided to fly to a later audition in Denver, Colo.
Adams and her friend, who had accompanied her to the audition, arrived in Denver on Sept. 9. They stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Aurora, and explored Denver while waiting for the audition.
Adams and her friend arrived at Invesco Field at Mile High at 8 a.m. on Sept. 10 to get wristbands. The wristband numbers were random and designated their seats in the stadium. The next day was the actual day of the audition. She auditioned with approximately 500 other aspiring singers.
‘We lined up to get into the stadium, but then it was waiting in the hot sun for eight hours in seats,’ Adams said of the waiting process.
To pass the time, Adams spent the time waiting talking with everyone there.
‘We would all sing for each other and praise each other. I met a lot of awesome people at the audition and realized that I was talented, but so were a lot of people,’ Adams reflected.
To start the audition, the executive producer organized everyone auditioning to sing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ to warm up, with the men and women singing different parts. For the audition, Adams sang ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan in front of the producers. ‘And, no, Paula, Randy and Simon were not there, just the producers. What you see on TV really is staged, or manipulated in many ways,’ Adams explained about the set up of the show.
‘The producer said I was great, but not what they were looking for for season five,’ Adams said.
Although she did not make the cut, she still enjoyed the experience.
‘I sang my heart out and gave a great performance,’ Adams said. ‘[There was] nothing else I could’ve done differently or better. I had so much fun though.’