‘IGN Live’ Hits Gamers in Anaheim

For Southern California video game fanatics, there was only one place to be this past weekend: the Anaheim Convention Center, which played host to the inaugural IGN Live event. Attendees were able to interact with video game industry insiders, listen to DJs spin beats while they previewed unreleased games, take part in enormous video game competitions and even be the first to get their hands on Microsoft’s next generation Xbox 360 console which won’t be in stores until next month.
Up until now, in the realm of video game conventions, there has only been one shining star: the Electronics Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. Video game developers use E3 to show off their upcoming products in very elaborate, almost theme park-like setups. However, E3 is a trade event, meaning that only members of the industry and the media get to attend (along with video game junkies who are clever enough to find ways to sneak in). The industry exclusivity of E3 leaves the common video-gamer on the outside looking in, without any chance of a hands-on experience with next-generation games.
The debut of IGN Live, by IGN Entertainment, changes things. IGN Live, while not yet on the level of E3, provides a unique entertainment experience that is open to the public.
‘We created IGN Live because we listened to our 30 million users,’ said Jennifer McLean, director of marketing for IGN Entertainment. ‘They love games, movies, cars, music, poker