Research and Recreation at the UCI Observatory

While the expansion of the universe accelerates, the UC Irvine community and the public can increase their knowledge of the universe by attending the UCI Observatory Visitor Night on Nov. 5 from 7 to 9 p.m.
‘Many people are very surprised when informed of UCI having an observatory,’ said Angel Velasco, a physics major and co-president of the Astronomy Club. ‘At these events, we see people interested in either a particular event, such as the nearing of Mars, or those who have always been fascinated by the universe.’
If the sky is clear, visitors can view planets, star clusters, planetary nebulae and galaxies through the observatory’s 24-inch computer-controlled telescope and several smaller telescopes. Mars can also be viewable 42.7 million miles away, the closest distance in two years.
How can we know the age of the universe? Are there other forms of intelligent life in the universe? ‘Why is the universe expanding?