Students Allege Worker Neglect

On Oct. 26, three UC Irvine students released a report alleging mistreatment of contracted food service and landscaping workers on campus.
‘Contracting Out at UCI: A Report on the Hidden Costs of Outsourcing and Its Destructive Impacts on Workers, Students and the Surrounding Community’ was written by Azael Prendez, a fifth-year sociology major; Fernando Chirino, a fifth-year sociology and English major; and Carla Osorio, a second-year psychology and social behavior major, with an introduction by Mike Davis, a UCI history professor.
The report focuses on the approximately 200 on-campus workers that are employed through Aramark and Commercial Landscaping Services. According to the report, many of these workers receive lower pay and fewer benefits than employees that work directly for UCI. In fact, the report says that many of these workers are eligible for public benefits, such as public housing subsidies and Medi-Cal.
To coincide with the release of the report, a rally was held in front of the administrative flagpoles. Students and workers, totaling about 80 people in all, marched on Ring Road, chanting bilingual slogans including, ‘UCI, you’re no good. Treat the workers like you should,’ and, ‘