UC Provost Resigns Amid Allegations of Favoritism

Amid an investigation of possible improper hiring practices, M.R.C. Greenwood, UC provost and former chancellor of UC Santa Cruz, resigned on Nov. 4.

The investigation is being conducted by the UC General Counsel and University Auditor’s Office, which is scrutinizing Greenwood for her appointment of Lynda Goff, a friend and colleague, to two UC positions.

Also under investigation is Winston Doby, vice president for educational outreach, for his appointment of Greenwood’s son as a paid intern at UC Merced.

University officials declined to discuss when the allegation was made or by whom. According to the UC’s Policy for Protection of Whistleblowers from Retaliation, the UC is ‘committed to protecting employees and applicants for employment from interference with making a protected disclosure or retaliation for having made a protected disclosure.’

Greenwood was made Provost in April 1, 2004, a position that includes the overseeing academic planning, research and academic policies for the UC campuses. She had served as chancellor of UCSC for eight years, and still holds an appointment as a professor of biology at UCSC.

According to UC President Robert Dynes, ‘There is no presumption of wrongdoing.’

Goff first entered the UC Office of the President as a temporary executive faculty assistant to the provost, a post which extended from Sept. 1, 2004 to Aug. 24, 2005. She was promoted to executive faculty associate and director of the UC Math and Science Initiative on Aug. 25, 2005. Her salary in both the temporary and the permanent positions was $192,100.

Dynes’ statement, however, acknowledges that there was a close relationship between Greenwood and Goff.

‘It has been disclosed, in the wake of inquiries by the San Francisco Chronicle, that Provost Greenwood and Dr. Goff have until recently jointly owned rental property,’ Dynes said. ‘It appears that Provost Greenwood may have been involved in Dr. Goff’s hiring to a greater extent than was appropriate.’

UC officials are concerned that Winston Doby, UC vice president for student affairs, improperly hired Greenwood’s son at his behest.

‘At question is whether Vice President for Student Affairs Winston Doby acted improperly in any way in helping Mr. Greenwood secure his position,’ stated Dynes’ press release.

James Greenwood, still employed at UC Merced, was hired as a senior affairs student intern with a salary of $45,000. The post was to last for one year.

‘Not at question is any aspect of Mr. Greenwood’s performance in the position that he has held since last August at UC Merced, where he is reportedly making a valuable contribution,’ Dynes said.

Doby, according to the release, has been ‘placed on paid investigatory leave pending the completion of the investigation.’

Dynes has appointed Wyatt Hume, executive vice provost, as both the acting provost and acting vice president for student affairs.