Check Yourself, ASUCI

To avoid any misunderstanding during the reading of this article, let me clarify one point. My first choice of college was not UC Irvine, nor was it my second, third or fourth choice.
A combination of both circumstance and convenience led me to attend UCI, so I’ve tried to get the most out of it by getting involved in on-campus organizations as well enrolling myself in a variety of classes and taking advantage of the resources available to me.
I’m a strong believer in making the best of any situation, but it’s a bit frustrating when you’re up against an established 40-year institution which is, quite frankly, not going to change for the likes of you.
One of my chief complaints about our campus is definitely student apathy, but not for the reasons you might think.
Take the Assocciated Students of UCI, for example. Now this is, theoretically, an organization that represents students and their interests, but top administrative positions have notoriously been controlled by Greeks, due to their ability to rally their members in an organized fashion.
The ASUCI elections are a joke, and everyone knows it. The ‘I don’t give a f-ck’ attitude held by most students leads to the concentration of power in the hands of these individuals