Heart Inspires

For some, it’s football. For others, it’s basketball. A few might go for baseball and a few might go for soccer. Yet, for Matthew Purvis, it’s cycling.
Purvis is currently the vice-president of the UC Irvine Cycling Club, originally established in 1976. As a team under the Campus Recreation department, the club is completely student organized and operated. For this reason, any person associated with the UCI community is welcome and encouraged to join. Undergraduate and graduate students, along with faculty, staff and alumni, are all welcome to take part.
Also, both experienced and inexperienced riders are welcome (To find out more about the UCI Cycling Club, visit http://spirit.dos.uci.edu/bike).
‘Our goal this year is to try to send a team to nationals,’ said Max Perez, president of the Cycling Club and a fourth-year mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate student. ‘Which means we would have to be one of the top five teams in the conference. The rankings are based on a point total that’s accumulated over all the races attended for the season. So we love having beginners because they add to our ability to accumulate points. But there’s no stress on beginners to achieve results. We just like having them. No pressure.’
As a club sport, the team receives a limited amount of funding, generally around $1,000 per year from UCI. ‘We use that only for reimbursing racing fees and other limited expenses because it goes very quickly,’ Perez said.
Because of the lack of funding, the club has had difficulties in the past. However, a recent sponsorship from Medtronic Inc. has brought about many new and exciting opportunities for the club