Online Dating

Just over four weeks ago I set out on a mission. I had been hearing a lot of noise about online personals and that, purportedly, instant messaging and wall posts were beginning to mean something socially. So as a person who values all sorts of interpersonal relationships, I was determined to find out if integrating the Internet into one’s game could be a rewarding experience.
In the past, I’ve used the Internet to keep in touch with old friends from high school or new friends I’ve just met. I probably spend more time than is recommended on the college online directory I also check my e-mail compulsively, and although I’ve been trying to wean myself away from AOL Instant Messenger, that’s largely been a failure. Because of this, I’ve refused to let myself sign up for the notorious time-killing online directory,
In order to find out whether any of these online mediums are capable of establishing and developing interpersonal relationships