Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Rocket Summer’s Saccharine Fueled Around the Clock Tour

The Rocket Summer’s performance at The Glasshouse on Nov. 12 was like eating a gigantic bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows.
It’s not necessarily a bad thing, some people dig that stuff.
The self-proclaimed pop band had no trouble keeping the young crowd excited throughout their headlining act with random explosions of neon confetti and peppy dance steps put on by everyone onstage.
The sugary performance was led by the only secure member of Rocket Summer 22-year-old Texan and lead singer Bryce Avery,
Having recorded his first album at 16, Avery managed to cut all the instruments and vocals on his own for his last two records, his debut ‘Calendar Days’ and ‘Hello, Good Friend,’ which was released last May.
His family’s musical influence, or lack thereof, did not keep Avery from following his passion and pursuing a career in music.
‘I’m the odd one,’ Avery remarked about being the only one in his family with the musical gene.
Growing up, Avery taught himself how to play an array of different instruments, starting off with the drums and guitar when he was only 12 years of age.
Onstage, he was joined by his old high school friends who took over the drums, guitars and bass.
Avery mostly stuck to playing his keyboard but occasionally showed off his mastery of the other instruments in between songs.
This dynamic musician has been on tour for three to four years and has travelled across the world promoting his last two albums. But, he particularly enjoys playing at venues in California.
Despite being an extremely upbeat pop band, Avery’s melodic piano rock beats are original and fairly brave to compete with the popular rock/punk scene in which most people seem to indulge. His sincerity is also refreshing in a time when musical superficiality is a growing epidemic.
Next on Avery’s rainbow-printed ledger book are shows throughout the states on his ‘Around the Clock’ tour, which also features Adam Richman, This Day and Age and Sherwood and Socratic on selected dates. Avery will also be filming of a music video for his song, ‘The Brat Pack.’ Tour dates, news and general Rocket Summer information can be found at the band’s Web site,