ASUCI Reflects on Successes and Failures of Fall Quarter

As fall quarter comes to a close, representatives from the Associated Students of UC Irvine reflected on some of the successes and failures of the last 10 weeks.
ASUCI has sponsored several entertainment events. The school year began with Comedy Night at the Bren Events Center, Rock Night with Ryan Dunn and Don Vito and the fifth annual Foam Party.
ASUCI also organized a three-hour fundraising event consisting of hip-hop dance performances and a rock group which raised $2,100 for Hurricane Katrina victims.
‘We have had a lot of big events this quarter and I feel that ASUCI is making positive steps to reach out to all of the different groups and organizations at UCI,’ said Nathan Lee, ASUCI vice president of student services.
Also, according to ASUCI President Carlos Feliciano, one of ASUCI’s main objectives is meeting students’ needs.
‘ASUCI wants to support students at large and all student groups,’ Feliciano said. ‘We also want to increase the quality of campus life here at UCI. We are happy to see so many students getting involved. … As student involvement continues to grow, so will campus pride.’
ASUCI has worked with various groups throughout the quarter. ASUCI worked with the UC Student Association and the Irvine branch of the California Public Interest Research Group to speak out against cuts to student aid.
ASUCI recently collaborated with the Cross-Cultural Center to sponsor the Cross-Cultural Rainbow Festival.
Other notable events included Oktoberfest, which featured performances and free food for students. The MTV Gamers Ball featured a 64-player Halo tournament, with an Xbox 360 as a prize.
Movie screenings included ‘Chumscrubber’ and ‘Just Friends,’ both of which filled the screening room. This week, ASUCI has another movie showing of ‘Grandma’s Boy,’ produced by Adam Sandler.
‘My favorite event was the MTV Gamers Ball because of the great work my interns did on it,’ Lee said. ‘They basically set up the entire 5,000-square-foot tent with the games inside. Without my commissioners and interns, I wouldn’t have been able to do half the things I wanted to accomplish this quarter.’
Despite providing a number of events for students, ASUCI is plagued by disappointingly low student involvement.
Feliciano pointed to the recent Presidential Focus Group as an indication of the problem.
‘Although there was a large interest from students at the All-University Conference to provide feedback and input to ASUCI, no one came to the focus groups,’ Feliciano said. ‘The topics ranged from housing to food, and even [to] how ASUCI could better serve students. An e-mail was sent to the entire campus advertising the focus groups. Letters were put in all the club mailboxes.’
Undaunted by such low turnouts, ASUCI will continue to represent students in issues such as tuition and financial aid.
‘Although students won a victory on financial aid, the Regents also voted to increase fees by 8 percent for next year’s students,’ Feliciano said. ‘We are currently lobbying state representatives to keep fees low. The Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nu