Future U.S. Soldiers: Weigh Your Options

Dear potential U.S. military personnel,
As you go through high school, and those difficult years immediately after, you might be considering the military as a possible career option. You may be thinking about either enlisting into one of the country’s four branches of military service or enrolling in one of the country’s elite military academies such as West Point or Annapolis.
Perhaps you are excited by the benefits that come with military service, such as money toward school once you are finished and technical job training that will benefit you long after your active duty ends.
Perhaps you’ve seen those cool commercials on TV promising a thrilling experience on the front lines.
Or maybe your grandfather, father and/or brother or sister all served their country and you would like the honor of continuing that tradition and following in their footsteps.
Whatever the reason for your interest, I understand how the military can be appealing. However, I also think you owe it to yourself to think about military service from a number of perspectives.
After all, once you sign on that dotted line, you’re committed