Rooney Rings in New Year with New Album

Ending their year with a performance at The Chain Reaction in Anaheim on Dec. 1, Rooney tested some new songs from their upcoming sophomore album and prepared for the beginning of another promising year.
The Los Angeles-based group is comprised of high school friends: drummer Ned Brower, guitarist/lead vocalist Robert Carmine, guitarist/vocalist Taylor Locke, keyboardist Louie Stephens and bass guitarist Matthew Winter.
So what exactly has Rooney been up to since their self-titled debut album way back in 2003? Since then, Rooney has been engaged in a number of tours, television and radio appearances, including a stint on FOX’s hit series ‘The O.C.’ and an invitation to be on the Queen tribute CD.
With only a few more months until the second album’s release date of March 21, eager fans can go to Rooney’s MySpace and listen to the band’s rendition of Queen’s ‘Death on Two Legs,’ a song handpicked by keyboardist Louie Stephens when Rooney was asked to record a song for the Queen tribute CD.
After nearly two straight years of touring, the guys of Rooney agree that their arduous and stressful touring schedule has made them stronger musicians.
‘We’ve definitely matured as players,’ Carmine explained.
Their performance at The Chain concluded touring for a year in which they shared the stage with bands such as The Academy Is, The All-American Rejects, The Redwalls and many more.
For Rooney, the musical embers to get back into the studios have been growing stronger and stronger over the past two years, and finally ignited into flames this September when they had the chance to start recording again.
‘We’ve been trying to get back into the studios forever,’ Carmine said.
The long process of releasing an album isn’t exactly a facile undertaking. Carmine further noted how the pressure of making a new album has been viewed as a simple task by some record companies, which has not been welcomed warmly by the members of Rooney.
‘Some business people think you can just snap your fingers and you have a hit, a hero, an icon,’ Carmine said, ‘but it’s not so easy.’
Another hard blow for the group is the fact that a few of their fans have gotten a bit territorial over the years.
‘Fans have come and fans have gone,’ Carmine said.
Even some trivial factors such as playing with a certain band, playing at a particular venue or even getting their music exposed in the mainstream media has upset some fans.
Criticisms such as these are responded to in the first single, called ‘Not So Easy,’ from the band’s currently untitled second album.
Still retaining their familiar melodic sound, ‘Not So Easy’ is filled with a lot more guitars and riffs, and sets the mood for their spring release.
Yet Carmine acknowledged and appreciated those fans that have remained loyal to Rooney and embraced the great response from the crowds toward their newer songs that they performed on their tours.
One New Year’s resolution for Rooney is to ‘work harder and do our best. We want our [fans] to feel like they got their money’s worth and want to come back,’ Carmine proclaimed.
Expect to see a lot more of what was seen with the last album from Rooney once the new record is released, as well as more performance dates and appearances this year.