UCI Students Can Have a Stress-Free 2006 With AUM

With constant studying, long reading lists, tests every other week and part-time jobs, students at UC Irvine can’t help but feel a little stressed now and again. Fortunately, a new club on campus hopes to give students a break from the chaos of everyday life.
Rajiv Ramdeo, founder and president of the Association of Undergraduate Meditators for Better Health and a third-year biological sciences major, hopes to provide meditation as a healthy way to reduce stress.
‘It’s scientifically supported that meditation can lead to stress reduction and relaxation,’ Ramdeo said.
After attending a retreat and realizing that meditation can be more effective when done in groups, Ramdeo looked for a meditation club on campus. Unable to find one, he decided to start his own club.
‘I wanted to provide a community for people who are into meditation and provide information for them,’ Ramdeo said.
With the help of Brian Chang, current vice president of AUM and a fourth-year psychology major, Ramdeo and Chang started to bring their ideas to life.
‘What we wanted to do is spread awareness about meditation in a perspective of health and … mainly from a scientific perspective,’ Chang said.
Ramdeo and Chang both wanted to share the positive aspects of meditation and debunk any misconceptions students have about meditation. They both said that it can be very useful for college students.
‘It helps you think better. It helps with better problem solving,’ Ramdeo said. ‘A lot of people think it’s a waste of time because you’re sitting there thinking about nothing. But that’s not true. Meditation has to do with concentration.