A Dose of Celebrity Gossip Blogs for the Celebrity Gossip Junky

All right, all you celebrity gossip junkies, I know what you guys are all about. I see you with your US Weekly reading about Brad and Jen, Brad and Angelina, Angelina and her third-world country adopted babies and now her real baby.
I exclude myself from your lifestyle while secretly wanting to be a part of it. This translates to me not having enough time to put my energy into keeping up on celebrity gossip. But I wish I did.
Basically, I sympathize with your addiction and this article is a little present to you people.
The world of Internet blogging has slowly changed the world of journalism. Rather, it may be more appropriate to say that internet blogging has added a new type of journalism, one that is not censored, restricted or concerned with being taken as seriously as the New York Times.
The journalistic genre of celebrity gossip seems to have benefited most from these qualities in the nature of their reporting, which is sloppy and irresponsible, exposing at all costs and often slightly pornographic.
I think the first place to start at these sites, one to ease you into this type of blog, would be www.defamer.com.
Defamer consists exclusively of celebrity gossip and is well-presented. The sarcasm is high on the posts in its aim to be humorous, and they are sometimes successful.
The most recent content on the Defamer is coverage of the Sundance Film Festival, where they spotted several indie celebs around town and listened in on James Van Der Beek talking about the public school systems in his area, a Crispin Glover sighting and a short piece on how deals are made at the festival.
This kind of sums up the content of the site: the usual, the gratuitous, the rare and the somewhat interesting.
After you are hooked, it might be a good idea to blow your mind and go to www.egotastic.com.
This site is multisourced, meaning it has links to many different celeb gossip sites. This will allow you to understand how many of these sites there actually are. It’s a bit daunting, but that’s what I’m here for.
Egotastic also relies heavily on an element of these sites that is not found in the supermarket stand: the wardrobe malfunction.
This may seem voyeuristic or slightly perverted, but you’d be surprised how entertaining it is for the gossipers to see celebrities accidentally expose themselves. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but check them out and you’ll understand.
The next place to go to might be www.perezhilton.com. This is run by a guy who’s name is apparently ‘Perez Hilton,’ who once made a lot of fun of Paris Hilton, but according to the site he is now friends with her.
This guy is sometimes amusing, most notably in his battle with Colin Farrell, who is suing him for posting his sex tape for 24 hours before a Los Angeles court ordered a cease and desist.
But this site is more of an example of two different things: how far you can get as a celebrity blogger and what that does for Perez’ site. He has managed to actually start hanging out with the stars that he made fun of, a subconscious wet dream for all of these bloggers. Perez has also received some slightly positive press, being featured on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean morning show.
As a result, this blog has become annoying and self-involved. There is less gossip and more pictures of this guy hanging out in Los Angeles. There are still some posts, like the Farrell stuff, which is still entertaining.
Now for my most strongly suggested celebrity Web site, which is www.thesuperficial.com.
Besides often being the harshest on celebrities, this site is perhaps the most humorous.
A recent post on Nicole Richie sums up the tone of this site. This post featured a video of Richie accidentally flashing a camera during an interview where she was actually speaking out against celebrities exposing themselves. It’s hilarious.
For dignity’s sake, let me do a little bit of wrap-up.
These sites are irresponsible, mysoginistic, materialistic, objectifying, break every journalistic rule, often break real laws, feature nudity and pornography and should probably not be viewed by anyone easily offended by anything.
But in their defense, I think the bottom line is that if you are into this kind of stuff, you go big or go home.