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fun. da. men tals Unconventional and Provocative

If you want to see a provoking art exhibit, you don’t have to go all the way to the Getty museum in Los Angeles or even to one of the smaller galleries in Laguna Beach. You can just make your way over to the University Art Gallery, where the winter 2006 undergraduate exhibition ‘fun.da.mental’ will be on display, a collaboration of 16 different undergraduates” work.
Once you walk through the bright red doors of the gallery, it doesn’t feel like you’re on campus anymore. Rather, it’s as if you’ve been transported to a swank art exhibit at a museum. The exhibit doesn’t aim to just gratify your eyes, but also your ears. As you look through the different works inside, there are the distinctive sounds of a train in the background. In another part of the exhibit there are headphones attached to a wall that play music from a KUCI DJ.
Not all of the pieces in the exhibit are two-dimensional. The left side of Jennifer Chu’s ‘Cardiac Support Device’ runs flat on the wall but then makes a 90-degree turn to come straight out at the viewers. Another work is comprised of upside-down houses with roots that extend from the ceiling. You can interact with the work; if I hadn’t looked inside of the holes in that piece, I wouldn’t have seen the intricate details inside.
One of the displayed works is the ‘Distraction Series’ by two third-year studio arts majors, Champ McKiver and Zachary Horn. Their photographs are of people in affluent areas of Orange County, such as the Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course, South Coast Plaza and the Newport Beach harbor. McKiver and Horn blasted an air horn and then photographed people’s reactions.
‘It was meant to catch these people distracted from their daily lives,’ McKiver said. Some look mildly amused while others look furious. One of the photos features an outraged man at a Panera Bread caf