Oppose the War: Don’t Pay Phone Bill Tax

Against the war? Resolute that, if they brought back draft and you were called up, you’d burn that card and march off to prison?
There may not be a draft to dodge this time around, but your individual contribution to the United States’ current military endeavors could be six dollars less per year.
And, technically, you could still be at risk of going to jail.
In 1898, the United States instated a federal excise tax to pay for the Spanish-American War. Today, this tax, which was first repealed in 1902 before it was brought back for World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam ‘conflict,’ is being collected in the form of about 50 cents per month tacked on to our personal telephone bills.
And in response, many Americans aware of the tax are subtly saying ‘No’ to war by calling up their telephone carriers