Shocking Saturday Reveals Current Trend in Sports: Parity

I was going to write this column about the NBA midseason MVP candidates. But after I watched Dirk Nowitzki light up an injured and weak Clippers squad Saturday night at the Staples Center (thanks to a birthday gift from my girlfriend), I decided it’s way too early to be talking MVP for a league that doesn’t get interesting until playoff time.
Something far more significant happened this weekend in the world of sports.
Just like what the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins did after the Chargers ended the Colts’ bid for the always-elusive undefeated season, the members of the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball team popped bottles of Don Perignon as the three remaining undefeated teams (Duke, Florida and Pittsburgh) all finally lost.
Duke fell to a gritty Georgetown squad that wouldn’t even let a red-hot Reddick stop them. Florida couldn’t stop Chris Lofton and Tennessee. And Pittsburgh’s comeback attempt fell short at St. John’s.
Besides losing within hours of each other, all three of the previously unbeatens had another thing in common